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Cutting edge technology for the management of manufactured home communities.
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    "The computer handles all the bean counting headaches now... we have more time to listen to our residents... opening the office each day has become fun again.."

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    yrasoft has been committed to providing cutting edge technology and top-notch technical support to property managers since 1997. Syrasoft currently supports community operators nationwide as well as in Canada and Puerto Rico. As our long term customers will confirm, we produce an easy to learn but powerful system that meets even the most stringent demands of Manufactured Home Communities.

    The Manufactured Home Community System
    will automate most of your office's time consuming, daily bookkeeping tasks,
    with features such as automatic process billing, an automatic late charge system, a bird's eye view map with built in unit and tenant information, many useful reports, and an interface with QuickBooks accounting software.

    The system is adaptable and expandable. Optional modules for tasks such as Networking, Photo Capture, and Automatic Credit Card Billing will integrate your entire operation under a single easy to learn and dependable system.

    Syrasoft is continuously working to make community management more efficient by upgrading and expanding this incredible systems capabilities and has developed these additional optional Modules to customize the MHC Management System.

  • Inventory - Tracks merchandise for sale.

  • Lease Management - allows you to manage various styles of one-time or renewable lease agreements with tenants.

  • Violations - assists you in managing violations charges that you have created for tenants who violate your company’s regulations.

  • Home Office Consolidation. Custom reporting for multiple locations.

  • Automatic Credit Card Processing Package . Allows you to authorize credit cards for both point of sale and batch mode transactions directly from the Syrasoft Management System through an interface with a third party authorization software. For companies that have a high volume of tenants who pay by credit card, this insures timely payment and quick and efficient processing.

  • Syrasoft Automatic Credit Card Billing Module

  • Third Party Authorization Software

  • PC Attached Magnetic Credit Card Reader

    Thousands of MH Communities bill millions monthly using Syrasoft products. These operators have already discovered that Syrasoft provides the finest MHC specific, state-of-the-art software, on the market today.

    Get The free trial package today... it is 100% free and a fully functional, 60 day inspection version, of the software. Experience the power of the system. You have nothing to loose.... except the time consuming and expensive practices that are currently costing you too much every day .