How Best to Prepare Your Mobile Home in Case of a Wildfire

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Manufactured/Mobile homes are those that are constructed completely in a factory and then transported to be set into place on land, usually immovable after settlement. While mobile homes are as safe as on-site built homes, if situated in a hot climate or forestry, the danger of wildfire always lurks in the background.

In the case of mobile homes, embers are the most common reason for catching fire since they are light enough to be carried by the wind and reach the periphery of the house. In this way, there are two types of dangers with regards to wildfire.

Direct Or Indirect Ignition

In the first case, a flammable paraphernalia or part of the house may come in direct contact with the fire, or the house may fall prey to indirect ignition, caused by the overheating of the house due to the fire, making it more prone to catching it.

The most preliminary and important way to safeguard against wildfire is to be aware of being in a wildfire zone, alerting the family and making plans for safe exits during cases of fire emergencies. It is also important to be educated about the science of wildfires and keeping precautions in place.

Removing Highly Flammable Objects

Secondly, make the house flame-free by keeping spaces between houses and limiting planting of highly flammable plants, weeds, dry grass, etc. Removing such red zones from a selected periphery around the house will make sure to keep the fire at bay. Consequently, it is also important to keep the house more metal-oriented rather than wood-oriented.

The more combustible materials such as wood are used for fencing, foyers, etc., the more the house becomes prone to catching fire. In areas where combustible materials have to be used, make sure to keep a link or joint of that hardware with corrosion resistant metal so that, in case of fire being caught, the link of the hardware can be broken, and the fire doesn’t spread further.

Vinyl, fiber cement, steel, brick, and stone are common heat resistant materials used in home-building. Keeping the porch free of dried leaves and trash will also prevent wildfire from entering the immediate periphery of the house.

Importance Of Teamwork

It is also important that the neighborhood works in conjunction to help one another evacuate the area in the case of the emergency since collective help is an effective strategy to minimize casualties.

Mobile home insurance policies work in the same manner as homeowners’ policies, covering personal property, physical damage, and external liabilities. In the case of wildfires, the physical damages portion of the policy can be invoked to cover repairs and replacements in the house, the same as other natural disasters or theft, robbery, or vandalism.

Additionally, any damage done to the other structures like a porch or garage may also be covered as per the terms of the insurance. It is important to note that some insurances may only cover certain causes of harm and may exclude others, so it is essential to look out for safety against natural disasters.

These can include earthquakes and wildfires when buying a mobile home insurance, depending on the area in which your home is situated and having become aware of the area’s leanings towards natural calamities.

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