The Mobile Home Process

Buying a manufactured home is similar to buying any other type of home. However, before deciding, manufactured home buyers need to realistically evaluate what they need from their homes, compare the best options, and take their time considering the pros and cons.

Unfortunately, manufactured home buyers don't always have access to the same resources as stick-built home buyers. While manufactured home buyers have many options today, many major real estate companies and online platforms focus on stick-built homes and condos. As a result, finding a manufactured home can sometimes be challenging.


Buying A New Home


Pick Your Land

To find available land, a realtor or online property listing can be helpful. However, vacant land or a lot in existing manufactured home communities is typically the best option for manufactured homes.


Find Your Home

Find floor plans available in your area and narrow down your selection based on your price, size, and home aesthetic. You can browse homes online or at your local manufactured home dealership.


Get Financing

A manufactured home loan requires you to prove your creditworthiness and meet manufactured home financing requirements. Several factors determine creditworthiness, including credit history, credit score, down payment, and debt-to-income ratio.


Home Preparation

While your home is being built, you or your builder will need to obtain building permits and inspect the building site and foundation. The site will need to be cleared and leveled, account for drainage, install a foundation system, and connect utilities.


Finishing Touches

A truck will transport the home to the foundation as soon as it has been completed. After utilities are connected to city services, interior finishes are done, a final customer walk-through is conducted, and a final city or county inspection is performed.

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3 Beds · 2 Baths · 1354 sqft · Double Wide


1 Beds · 1 Baths · 399 sqft · Park Model


2 Beds · 2 Baths · 1246 sqft · Double Wide

Oak Springs

1 Beds · 1 Baths · 399 sqft · Park Model


2 Beds · 2 Baths · 1246 sqft · Double Wide


1 Beds · 1 Baths · 384 sqft · Park Model


Buying A Used Home

Quality manufactured homes can be found by browsing used mobile homes for sale. With some compromise in customization, you can often find an ideal home for significantly less than you would pay new, plus a turnkey experience so you can move in right away.

However, buying a used manufactured home requires more inspection and research than buying a new home. Firstly, you want a manufactured home that's in great shape - renovating a "fixer-upper" can often cost more than it's worth.

Bear in mind that experts recommend not buying manufactured homes built before 1976. Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (MHCSS), commonly known as the HUD code, were established in 1976. All aspects of construction are regulated by these federal standards, including design and construction strength, durability, transportability, fire resistance, and energy efficiency. It's rare to encounter a mobile home on the market built before 1976, but it's essential to be aware.

Hiring A Real Estate Agent

During the buying process, real estate agents can assist buyers in saving time and reducing confusion. A good manufactured home agent can help you through each step, including the sometimes-overwhelming paperwork required to close. It's not without its downsides: Real estate agents charge fees for their services. Still, working with a manufactured home real estate agent may be a good idea for buyers who want a little extra guidance.

Searching Online

Despite many options available to manufactured home buyers today, many major real estate companies and online platforms focus on stick-built homes. As a result, finding the right manufactured home can sometimes be challenging. However, resources such as Zillow, and Redfin, have special listings for manufactured homes, and sites such as MHVillage specialize in manufactured home listings.

Used Home


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