Finding the right Mobile Home Insurance

When the unexpected occurs, you shouldn't be left to wonder if your policy was designed for your individual needs as a manufactured homeowner.

Manufactured homes offer the same perks as single-family homes and condos; granite countertops and stainless steel appliances can be found in the kitchens as well as custom-built fireplaces. A manufactured home can cost as much as a site-built home, but once permanently installed are classified as real property, so when you're shopping for manufactured home insurance, you need to take several factors into account.

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Be sure your insurance covers:


Pipe bursts

Natural disasters


Loss-related expenses
debris removal, landscaping, spoiled food, etc.



Falling Objects


Tie-down anchoring


Make sure you're getting the right coverage

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other structures

Often, mobile homeowners have other structures on their lots, such as tool sheds, garages, or decks. Not every mobile home policy includes coverage for these standalone structures.

fire damage

Mobile homes are more vulnerable than traditional homes to fire damage. Some mobile home insurance policies try to leave fire damage off their policies, especially in high-risk areas.

full coverage

Manufactured home insurance can help ensure that you will have the financial capacity to recover from a disaster with the smallest amount of disruption to your life possible.

wind damage

Because mobile homes are more prone to damage from wind and other natural disasters, many carriers try to limit the coverage they provide.

transfer damage

Mobile homes can also incur damage when they are transferred between sites. These are not concerns for traditional homeowners and therefore are not typically included in policies.

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Fortunately, we are here to help you navigate the process. Our agents make finding the right insurance easier by shopping and comparing quotes, from our partners, for you. Not only do we shop for you, but we present your coverage options in plain English and clarify the fine print to be sure you know EXACTLY what you are getting. We understand no two situations are alike and work hard to ensure clients understand and select the coverage that best meets their needs!

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