Top Must-Have Manufactured Home Upgrades

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Choices And Options For Your New Manufactured

When choosing a new manufactured home, you will become the owner of a beautiful, efficient, and durable home. Many features can be added or upgraded to customize the home to your tastes and needs. Options will also add value to your house.

Choose from the latest trends and for what suits your needs best, solid surface, granite, or fashionable laminate countertops.

Kitchen Appliances
Your kitchen comes fully equipped with a range, refrigerator and may include a microwave and disposal as well. There will be many choices available to change colors, styles, and functionality of appliances, and faucets.

As you order your new home, you can make selections of materials, colors, and styles for both interior and exterior doors. This gives you the opportunity to customize the look and feel of your home with French style, sliding glass, even Dutch doors; the choices are many.

Likewise, windows are offered in many shapes, designs, and energy-efficient levels. You may want a large picture window above the kitchen sink to watch children at play. Or you may want to add or change the location of windows in the living room.

Manufactured homes come with built-in cabinets in a choice of colors and designs. In addition, you can select from a variety of available options such as hardwood construction, extra tall overhead cabinets, custom hardware, and special lighting.

Your new home comes with floor coverings throughout with choices of colors. Optional upgrades include wood and tile to create the look you want.

PackagesExtended Eaves
Eaves can protect the sides, windows, and doors of a home from inclement weather. If you live in an area of heavy rain or snowfall, this option may be right for you.

Some homes feature porches built-in at the factory. Alternatively, you can add porches and decks after the home is installed on your site.

Master Bath Packages
The bathrooms of manufactured homes are designed to be attractive and functional. They can be built in many layouts. If you choose, optional features can include full tile showers, jetted tubs, special lighting, and cabinetry. Baths can be as luxurious as you make them.

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