Why Live in a Manufactured Home?

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  1. It is Quieter

    Manufactured homes are built more solidly and have greater sound dampening through the walls. Site-built homes tend to be sticks with plasterboard walls so sound transfers fairly easily from room to room. Manufactured home walls are built for transport and are therefore stronger. They typically use vinyl-on-gypsum (VOG) wall panels rather than the taped drywall. This provides significantly greater sound dampening as well as greater strength.

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  3. Low Cost

    Manufactured homes are around 20% less expensive than their stick-built counterparts. Efficiencies of manufacturing in a factory environment and economies of scale regarding materials and readily available workers make manufactured housing significantly cheaper than other options. Even expensive luxuries like granite countertops, vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors, fireplaces, and anything else you can imagine will be cheaper when installed in a manufactured home. You recieve higher quality for a lower price.

  4. Energy Efficiency

    Manufactured homes are built to HUD standards. That means the quality of construction and materials is guaranteed to be highly efficient. Manufactured homes are well-insulated and have the latest in energy-efficient appliances. The entire home can have an Energy Star certification indicating its level of efficiency. So your energy costs will be lower and your comfort level higher. Stick-built homes are often leaky and waste energy on heating and air conditioning while also not providing an optimum level of comfort with drafty windows and cold spots. Manufactured homes will be sealed tight.

  5. Mobile Home Park

    If you choose a Mobile Home you can locate it in a mobile home park. This will provide access to community facilities like swimming pools, game rooms, a community hall, clubs, groups, neighbors, and sometimes things like ball pits, tennis courts, and horseshoe courts. Living in a mobile home park has the advantages of an apartment complex but without close neighbors and shared walls. So if you like company but also privacy; this is a very good option. You will also have the advantage of maintenance and staff being available. Rather than having to do everything yourself, the community will have people on site to help with issues.

  6. Environmentally Friendly

    All housing is going to create waste but manufactured homes reduce this waste to a minimum. Factory production uses materials in an extremely efficient way. The final product is very environmentally friendly due to its energy efficiency. Waste of energy and materials is minimized in manufactured housing so you can feel good about the footprint you are making. This is also part of why manufactured housing is less expensive.

  7. Quicker Construction

    Manufactured homes are quicker to build than site-based stick housing. Since the construction process is indoors in a manufacturing facility weather does not affect the build. All the materials and labor required are on site every day. Delays due to a lack of materials or labor will be extremely unlikely. Your home will be built in the shortest amount of time possible and to exacting standards.

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  9. Lower Taxes

    Many people buy big expensive homes with lots of land not considering they are going to have to pay taxes on all that property that they generally aren’t even using. Manufactured homes have a smaller footprint and as such have lower taxes. If maintaining a budget is a concern then manufactured homes are definitely the way to go.

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