Options for Your Manufactured Home Ceiling

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Manufactured homes typically come with one of three ceiling types: fiberboard, textured gypsum wallboard or drywall, and ceiling tiles. These materials often present challenges when it comes to replacement due to their size and availability. Fortunately, there are alternative ceiling options to consider:

1) Fiberboard

Fiberboard is a challenging material to replace in a manufactured home, primarily because developers often use large, hard-to-find panels during construction. However, recent changes in manufacturing have resulted in slightly smaller fiberboard pieces. When facing the need for replacement in a manufactured home, the best approach is to find the closest matching panel available and then paint the ceiling to conceal any differences.

2) Gypsum Board / Wallboard / Sheetrock / Drywall

This material consists of a non-combustible gypsum core encased in smooth finish paper on one side and a more natural finish paper on the other. Gypsum board is commonly used in the construction of manufactured home ceilings. It is relatively easy to install, typically requiring minimal finishing at the fasteners and joints. Gypsum board is known for its durability and strength.

3) Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling tiles are usually sold in 16″ or 4″ widths and span the entire width of the manufactured home. They are often secured using rosettes and screws. Some tiles are fastened at their seams and covered with a plastic spline. Replacing damaged ceiling tiles can be challenging. Finding a matching tile is often the first hurdle. Additionally, fitting a replacement tile into the home can be problematic. In some cases, replacing the entire ceiling may be the only viable option if an exact match cannot be found. Many manufactured homes feature suspended or paneled ceiling tiles.

Consider these alternative ceiling options to address your manufactured home’s ceiling needs effectively. Each choice comes with its own set of advantages and considerations, allowing you to make an informed decision that suits your preferences and requirements.

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